Rima Massasati 4 Corners Project is One Designer’s Solution to Help Syrian Refugees |eyeondesign


4 Corners 

In Syria, a brutal war has torn apart families, leaving many civilians traumatized without food or shelter. Many have fled, seeking refuge in foreign countries to rebuild their lives.

To bring awareness to this crisis, 4 Corners seeks to bring the design community together to help bring aid to those that need it most.

From the corners of your screen, to the corners of a poster, to the corners of a warm blanket, 4 Corners began as an abstract poster series inspired by traditional Syrian mosaics, calligraphy, and sculptures to tell the stories of these refugees.

Donations will help refugee camps such as one I visited in Thessaloniki, Greece. All contributions, will go towards food, medical assistance, and art supplies to help create a sense of home for the Syrian refugees. Proceeds will be given to Salaam Cultural Museum (SCM), a charitable non-profit organization.



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